Best Gluten Free Beer Brewing Kits

Many people with food allergies or celiac disease miss out on a nice cold beer because it makes them so sick.  Well, gluten-free beer to the rescue!  Did you know there are many gluten-free beer brewing kits that allow you to brew your own gluten-free beer right from home?  Most of the kits exclude wheat and barley, and instead have sorghum extract, rice extract, dried rice, and candy syrup.  These ingredients substitute for malt extract.  These kits are perfect for those on a gluten-free diet that still want to enjoy an ice-cold beer.  Check out some of our recommended gluten-free beer brewing kits below.

All our kits include brewing tutorials that walk you step by step through the brewing process.  This includes boil instructions, mash, and sparge.  The finished product is sweet and smooth.  Join other home brewers and buy your kit today.

Inside this fantastic kit you will find the following:


Transfer tubing


Racking Cane