Best Beer With Fish & Chips


Beer, fish, and chips are the perfect combination for food lovers, no matter the time of day or location. The fattiness of the fried fish couples perfectly with the underlying clean and “bready” taste of beer. But which beer goes best with this classic delicacy? The answer may surprise you!

What Are Fish & Chips?

Fish & chips are a popular British food originating in the UK. This dish consists of battered fish and chips (french fries if you live in the states). 

Traditionally, this meal is made with haddock, cod, or flounder. The chips are sliced potatoes cut thicker than traditional french fries. The pairing is finished with copious amounts of salt and vinegar. 

Beer Batter Fish and Chip Recipes 

If you have never eaten a classic fish and chips recipe, you are missing out on an unforgettable taste sensation. If you want to increase the deliciousness of this meal style, pair beer or wine with the batter. To keep things classic, douse them with some malt vinegar before diving into this meal.

Different Beer Styles for Fried Fish and Chips

If pizza can be served with wine, why can’t you add your favorite beers to the batter? The following are some of the finest beer types to pair with a bowl of crispy fish and chips. 

Raw Lagers

Raw lagers are golden brown and have a slightly bitter taste. Raw and organic lager has low alcoholic volume and pairs perfectly with fried food or light recipes. More specifically, a Brooklyn lager allows you to keep the delicate taste of the fish without overpowering it with alcohol. 

Pale Ale

Pale ales and top amber ale beer styles are fruity and floral. English pale ale is perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to recipes featuring steamed cod or roasted bass. The sweet notes counterbalance the salt sea bream and vinegary food tastes. 


Pils, short for pilsner, are low fermentation beers with well-structured flavorings. You can add a pils to the batter or drink it on the side. No matter how you pair pils with seafood, it showcases perfectly. 

Stick With Lighter Beers

You want the crispy batter and delicate fish to be the star of the dish. Choosing a golden ale, pils, or raw lager craft beer will help showcase the beauty of your fish without compromising the flavors.

Best Beer Brands

You do not have to be a traditionalist to enjoy a delicious recipe featuring savory seafood. Beer is a must if you want your fish to feature a delightful fried texture and taste. Below are some of the best beer pairings for this classic recipe.

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Pabst Blue Ribbon is an inexpensive beer that can be easily mixed within the batter. One of the reasons we love using this beer style is that it does not alter the taste of the pairing like some dark or more bitter beers. 

Coors Banquet

Coors Banquet is another golden lager that pairs perfectly with salmon and potatoes. This beer is the most common American example of a mild flavor pairing that helps the beer batter retain its light and crispy texture. 

Old Milwaukee

If you are an enthusiast who loves different beers, you might want to put aside your aversion to cheap beers and go with Old Milwaukee. Old Milwaukee is a solid alcoholic beverage with a mild taste. You will find this drink gives a perfect crispness to your batter. 

Beer Goes Perfectly With Fish and Chip Recipes

If you have never eaten fish and chip meals, now is a perfect time to start. This dish is simple to make, and adding beer to the batter mix takes the recipe to new heights. 

Beer cuts perfectly through fatty foods. Using the right beer will complement the crispy seafood and potato flavoring without taking over its style.

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